Sunday, 12 May 2013

Somewhere boon somewhere bane.

Lately Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) was in-toto trounced in the Karnataka elections. INC (Indian National Congress) trumped the party in its only base in South India where it had made its first government in the year 2008. But this time BJP faced an embarrassing defeat in the elections and reached their nadir performance in Karnataka elections. Some even said that this defeat was an innings defeat for the BJP and it definitely was. But why such things took place?  Why this time BJP bear the brunt of the defeat? This is because this time the main point, the fulcrum of this anger is corruption. In Karnataka Congress used the measures which are definitely going to be against the UPA in the 2014 elections. Congress in the Karnataka used the issue of BS Yeddyurappa and other scandals which cuddled and huddled BJP in the elections and have tarnished as well as slandered the image of the BJP’s first government in the South India. But what happened there is happening at the Central level and is going to have a noticeable and significant impact on the UPA in the year 2014.

 In Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa proved to be a suicidal human bomb for BJP. Yeddyurappa anticipated the elections as well as the mood of people wrongly and thought that after drifting apart from the BJP he would become the new Chief Minister of Karnataka but it has been proved that he has got many years of contemplation.

Issue of corruption thrashed the gigantic dreams of BJP and is going to be deadly for the Congress when the general election comes. The voter of India has now got used to scams but has not got a proclivity for the scams. Although the voter got many gates (Coal gate, 2G, Rail gate, Commonwealth scams and many others) but it has not got a tendency to it but notwithstanding the voter has become unforgivable to the one who uses the power in a very arrogant and haughty manner, involves in nepotism and indulges in wrong use of power and malpractices and the one who exhibits dereliction of duty towards the nation. BJP has got the confidence of the voters of Karnataka completely shattered and it is the same condition of UPA in the Delhi. The reputation of its so-called head has been recently dented and the ouster of Ashwani Kumar, one of his favourites has flawlessly shown his importance in the UPA powerhouse.  Congress has become a national absurd joke and the as its ministers have been embroiled in various scams it has become definitely an exemplary for the governments and ministers who scam.

And the fact in Karnataka is that Congress has not won, but BJP has lost.


UPA’s contemporary image has been completely obliterated and if it doesn’t come with something new otherwise it will be completely annihilated.   



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