Friday, 24 May 2013

Be wary of the dragon.

The recent diplomatic visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stimulated a plethora of articles, blog and tweets on the internet as well as in newspapers and news channels. The recent visit for global dialogues between the two major economies being seen as very promising and enticing was welcomed whole heartedly. The visit lured investors, think tanks as well as political leaders succumbing them to the belief that with new friendship and pacts it was going to substantially manipulate the global economy. Everyone believing that the new Chinese leadership is going to adopt a soft as well as wild stance and is going to forsake and abandon the feeling of animosity and bitterness towards India and will deem India as its friend and a partner notwithstanding a foe. The recent caveat given by exiled Chinese blind social activist Chen Guangcheng to India carries and very great hidden meaning in it. Chen, who became the first person to escape house arrest in Beijing said that, “ Chinese people are not like that but the government’s word can never be trusted. It is an authoritarian regime” and Indian government needs to be indeed focused on it.

The visit of Chinese Prime Minister has terminated but still some questions were evaded and their remedy seems to be elusive. The trip was a very good presage of development for the Chinese side and there in China it was considered as an economy filliping and underpinning visit which is going to support the Chinese economy in the long run but was the visit meant for India too or was it an ex parte believing only in Chinese future growth.

Out of China’s 73 fortune 500 companies only 5 were represented in the business delegation and the other thing is that only one company in business delegation was ready to buy things from her while other were just here to sell.

The other motive which veneered the real reason for friendship with India could be a strong military base search. After the withdrawal of the USA’s (United States of America) troops from Afghanistan, China would be very curious to set its feet there and for that purpose it wants to work meticulously and assiduously for the purpose. For the purpose China would inevitably look for some defence strong allies. But due to the dispute of China and Japan over the Senkaku islands, China needs some new allies who could compatibly work with it and this might be the reason behind the visit of Chinese Premier to India and Chinese President to Russia.

The other reason that shrouds the sudden inclination and proclivity of China towards India might be due to economic reason. China and India are the world’s fastest emerging economies. European Union has not completely recuperated from the crisis and US also seems not be resilient and immune against it. At this point of time China needs some new nations. Now with its dispute and wrangle with nations like Thailand, Vietnam and Japan against it on the South China issue it needs to look for some new nations to help its economy soar and grow by leaps and bounds and for this purpose China want to contact the lavish and groovy Indian economy which is exhibiting a remarkable rate of growth to trounce its rivals.

The conclusion that comes from these things is that China wants to just use India for its own purpose and is deficient of any intention of helping and working with India. The recent incursion of Chinese soldiers in Indian territory just before the arrival of Chinese PM let the cats out of the bag portraying China’s real intention and feelings towards India. The other thing is that this meeting didn’t emphasize even a bit on issues pertinent to boundary division and regular flouting of border rules by Chinese soldiers. China, which has been claiming Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh as its own parts has not backed out of the stance and the Chinese PM remained evasive to such issues.

I would not say that India should not work with China but the thing is India should choose a way where it is going to remain safe with its impeccable probity, credibility and integrity and should opt out a place where it is also going to be benefited.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

Jai Ma Bharti


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